Dr. Wafaa Al Salameh

Specialist Dermatologist

Specialized in all Cosmetics Procedures

Arab Board Certified

Anti-aging treatments

Skin Diseases

Hair and nail diseases.

Dr. Ahsan Chaudhry

Advanced Aesthetic Doctor

Consultant Family Physician

Masters Degree in Aesthetic Medicine From the University of London

Over 10 Years of Experience in the UK

NHS Certified Physician

Wrinkle reduction, Fillers, Peels and So Many More Aesthetic Procedures

Cheradee R. Batimana

Senior laser therapist

Laser department supervisor

Jomar Rae Reyes

Laser Therapist

Mary Jean Peregrin

Laser Therapist

Anna Wennalyn T. Santos

Laser Therapist

Mylene Martinez

Laser Therapist

Krista Camille Magtalas

Laser Therapist

Reslyne Paje

Laser Therapist